Codes of Practice

Industry Codes of Practice

Following changes at Standards Australia, AEPMA has developed the Codes of Practice to better reflect the needs of the pest management industry.  We will continue to work with Standards Australia where possible and endeavour to assist in producing relevant, practical standards that are meaningful, technically sound and based on industry best practice.
A Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia (complete)
A Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry
This version of the Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry is intended as a guide and reference for pest managers and managers in the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. It contains an outline of best practice for pest management in the food industry.
A Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections
AEPMA - Industry Guidelines for Disinfection




AEPMA recently sought and was granted authorisation by the ACCC for its Codes of Practice in Termite Management. What does this mean for Pest Managers?

The ACCC recognised that by abiding by the standards set out in the Codes, pest managers who chose to be bound by the codes were also required to meet specific levels of practical experience and education in termite management practices in order to become signatories to the Codes.

The Codes are voluntary and any Pest Manager/Termite Management System Installer (MEMBER OR NON-MEMBER) who signs up to them will have a valuable point of difference with which to market their business. Unlike Standards Australia, the Codes are freely available to customers and provide a transparent Dispute Resolution Process for both pest managers and their clients, if necessary. Pest Managers who undertake work under these Codes of Practice will also be listed on the AEPMA website.

If you wish to become a signatory to the Codes of Practice:

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