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MAGNATHOR™ MAGNETIC COCKROACH BAIT with Magthanite is the latest generational step forward in cockroach management from Ensystex. Mr Steve Broadbent, Ensystex’s Regional Director explains how MAGNATHOR uses a totally innovative concept to give improved results.

“MAGNATHOR employs the power of paramagnetism. This is the weak magnetic attraction shown by most elements and some compounds in the presence of a magnetic field. Paramagnetic substances are not permanently magnetised by exposure to the field and revert to an un-magnetised state in its absence.

MAGNATHOR Magnetic Cockroach Bait is a dry, flowable powder bait that contains a desirable blend of food attractants that lure the foraging cockroaches towards the MAGNATHOR Kill Zone™. As they approach the Kill Zone, the cockroaches literally act like a magnet and draw the MAGNATHOR particles to their exoskeletons resulting in their death.

This is because the cockroach cuticle is negatively charged when in the presence of paramagnetic materials. This appears to be due to the presence of particles of magnetite in their bodies. Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth. Consequently cockroach chitin shows a clear attraction to ferromagnetic particles that is exploited by MAGNATHOR through the use of the proprietary compound, Magthanite®, the magnetic power behind MAGNATHOR. 

The MAGNATHOR powder enters the cockroaches’ bodies through the soft membranes in the exoskeleton. When compared with conventional gel baits, dusts and powders, MAGNATHOR’s magnetic properties deliver superior results in the two critical areas of adhesion and transferability resulting in accelerated kill.”

Mr Broadbent continued by advising, “A key benefit of MAGNATHOR is that, since it is a dry flowable powder bait, it will travel deep into cracks, crevices and other cockroach harbourages. So it will get to places you simply cannot reach with other baits. MAGNATHOR is equally effective on German and American cockroaches, as well as in the control of their nymphal stages.

Mr Broadbent then detailed MAGNATHOR’s Accelerated Multiple Cascade Effect™. “MAGNATHOR provides a unique three-level mortality chain, with the transfer of the active ingredient, 0.5 g/kg fipronil occurring faster than with any other cockroach bait. 

Accelerated Primary Kill™ arises, as mentioned above, when a foraging cockroach approaches the MAGNATHOR Kill Zone. As it draws close, the MAGNATHOR powder is drawn to the cockroach due to the magnetic attraction between MAGNATHOR and the negatively charged exoskeleton of the cockroach. So the cockroach is targeted by the fipronil before it even starts to feed on the bait! This was confirmed in studies by Smith and Moores at Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK.

Accelerated Secondary Kill™ arises when MAGNATHOR is transferred to other cockroaches through grooming. In further trials performed by Smith and Moores, they found that 250% more MAGNATHOR was transferred between cockroaches!

Finally we also have Accelerated Viral Transfer™ which provides for faster cockroach mortality through coprophagy (faecal consumption) and more particularly through emetophagy (consumption of vomitus). Both these processes are especially important for the control of nymphal stages. 

MAGNATHOR induces vomiting in cockroaches about 4 hours after uptake. This fipronil laced vomitus is extremely attractive to nymphal cockroaches. Newly hatched nymphs also partake in coprophagy to greatly increase their survival. This natural behaviour is also exploited by MAGNATHOR.

Control of adult cockroaches is usually not problematic, since adults actively explore their habitat for food sources. Nymphs are less mobile and therefore less likely to access a gel bait directly. Naturally occurring populations of German cockroaches (Blattella germanica L.) show a relatively constant ratio of nymphs in the total population of 0.6, which is largely unaffected by the size of the population. This is expressed as the nymph-to-total ratio (NTR).”

Mr Broadbent elaborated on this point advising, “It is critical to long-term control that we take out the nymphs. Traditionally gel cockroach baits have been poor performers in the elimination of nymphs. So the paramagnetic properties of MAGNATHOR accelerate the kill of all cockroach life-stages, with more fipronil passed to other cockroaches, more quickly than with any other bait on the market.”

MAGNATHOR is easily applied using the ACCUTHOR™ Precision Blower which is also available directly from Ensystex. For more details contact Ensystex on 13 35 36.

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