Important notice - fenthion use must cease after October 2015


Do you still have Lebaycid or other fenthion products in your shed? Use of products containing fenthion is not permitted after October 2015, when the 12-month phase-out periods for all products will end.

The APVMA’s final review of fenthion concluded the use of products containing the chemical may, in most situations, pose undue risks to human health and the environment.

Regulatory action was taken in 2014 including the cancellation of products and variation of some product labels. A 12-month phase-out period from October 2014 allowed people to use up existing stocks. In addition at the request of the holder, the active constituent fenthion was cancelled on 3 November 2014 which resulted in the cancellation of all remaining products.

Phase-out dates for farm and home garden products

The following products have been cancelled and may not be used or supplied after the below cease use and supply dates:

Product name

Product number

Cease use and supply date

Additional restrictions

Tiguvon Spot-on Cattle Lice Insecticide


15 October 2015


Control-A-Bird Agent


15 October 2015


Avigrease Pest Bird Eradication Compound


15 October 2015


David Grays Mosquito and Spider Spray Insecticide


15 October 2015


Avigel Pest Bird Control Agent


15 October 2015


Lebaycid Fruit Fly and Insect Killer


15 October 2015

May not be used on food producing plants in the home garden

Lebaycid Insecticide Spray


Label approval 0110 –
29 October 2015

Lebaycid Insecticide Spray bearing the label approval 0110 must only be used according to the instructions in the APVMA gazette and also in permits PER13840 (WA only) and PER13841 (other states and territories) and any other permits issued by the APVMA

Amalgamated Pest Control 1% Fenthion Dust


2 November 2015


Phase-out dates for pest control products

Registration of four products commonly used in the control of pest birds or for general pest control have been cancelled. These products must not be used after the dates shown below:

  • Avigrease Pest Bird Eradication Compound, product number 50244 – 15 October 2015
  • Avigel Pest Bird Control Agent, product number 52075 – 15 October 2015
  • Control-a-Bird Agent, product number 42202 – 15 October 2015
  • Amalgamated Pest Control 1% Fenthion Dust, product number 41138 – 2 November 2015

Product use and disposal

Existing stocks of any of these products must be used before the end of the relevant phase-out period for that product. The products cannot be used or supplied to others for use after these October 2015 dates.

Please dispose of unwanted pesticide product responsibly, using a licensed waste disposal contractor or facility, such as the industry run stewardship program for the disposal of pesticides:

Phone: 1800 008 182
Register online:

Home owners may be able to access additional disposal options through local authorities or councils.

Alternate options

The APVMA has also issued permits for the use of alternatives for the control or suppression of fruit flies in certain crops in response to applications from grower groups, industry bodies or States and Territories. Details of these can be found here.

Further information

Contact the APVMA’s Chemical Review team for further information on the review of fenthion, or for information about use during the phase-out. The current permits for the use of Lebaycid can be found on the chemicals database

Phone: +61 2 6210 4749

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