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Welcome to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association July 2023 edition. Please read on below for more details below or visit our website for online version

AEPMA eNewsletter July 2023 Edition 

The countdown to Pesticon 2023 is on!

Pesticon, the flagship conference of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, is just around the corner. Taking place from the 16th – 18th August, this year's conference promises to be our most exciting yet, featuring an exceptional lineup of speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

We have crafted a diverse and engaging program catering to our attendees' varied interests and expertise. Whether you are a seasoned pest management professional, an industry newcomer, or a researcher keen on the latest advancements, Pesticon 2023 has something for everyone. From pest biology and control techniques to emerging technologies and sustainable practices, our sessions will cover a wide range of topics to broaden your horizons and elevate your pest management skills.

Pesticon 2023 is not just about the educational sessions; it's also a prime opportunity for networking and collaboration. Engage in interactive discussions, connect with industry experts during Q&A sessions, and make valuable contacts during dedicated networking breaks.

Building relationships with fellow professionals is a great way to stay connected and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

More information on the program is available here

See you at Pesticon 2023! 

Vasili Tsoutouras



Have you booked your place for the Pesticon 2023 yet?

With the countdown on to Pesticon 2023 – now’s the time to secure your place – BOOK NOW
Here’s 5 reasons why Pesticon 2023 is a must attend for 2023!

  1. A Great Networking Opportunity – when working in the pest control industry, especially for those that run smaller businesses, it can be difficult to find the time or opportunity to meet and share experiences with fellow pest managers.  Pesticon provides the ideal environment to mix with your peers, build relationships and gain valuable information about your industry.
  2. World Class Presentations and engaging interactive sessions –  in this year’s program we have crafted a diverse and engaging program, with something for everyone.  
  • Internationally renowned keynote presenter, Mark McCrindle, expert demographer and social researcher, will lead us through “Engaging with the Consumer”, identifying the emerging trends to assist the audience in future-proofing their products and service.   
  • Our Interactive Marketing Session will provide tried and tested marketing tips for pest control.  
  • Leading experts in their field will present on a variety of topics from Termites, Mosquitoes, Bees and Wasps; to Birds and Rodenticides.  

While our panel sessions, specialists and pest managers with a wealth of experience, will cover a variety of topics designed to engage and inform delegates -  connect with industry experts providing hands on answers to problems confronting every pest control business. 

  1. Outstanding Trade Show – the exhibition halls will once again be the hub of activity with key manufacturers and suppliers from a wide variety of industries showcasing the latest products and services for all aspects of your business, launching new products, explaining current techniques and demonstrating solutions that will benefit small, medium and large pest management companies.
  2. Distinctive Social Events  – the conference promises to provide some wonderful opportunities to mix with peers and colleagues and to catch-up with friends, both old and new.   The conference will launch on the Wednesday evening with a Welcome Cocktail Reception.  Thursday is jam packed with social events, kicking off with the AWPMA Networking breakfast.  The breakfast is open to all, but with only a few spots left, don’t delay in booking your place.  Then on the Thursday afternoon, enjoy the ‘For Life Uninterrupted’ Happy Hour Drinks in the Exhibition Hall.  Finally on the Friday evening, we finish off the conference with a bang with the Conference Gala Dinner and announcement of the 2023 Pest Manager of the Year Awards.
  3. Beautiful sun-filled location – The Gold Coast provides the perfect back drop to take a little extra time to visit sun drenched beaches, world famous theme parks or World Heritage listed rainforests.  Why not take advantage of our attractive accommodation rates at The Star?  Visit the conference website for more information.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event – BOOK NOW!!!  


Many thanks to our sponsors:



The AEPMA AGM will be held at the Star Gold Coast on Wednesday 16th August at 4pm.
The agenda and proxy forms are available to all AEPMA members here 

Branch AGM Dates

The Annual General Meeting  (AGM) for the Victoria Branch will be held on 
Friday 28th July, 2.00pm via Zoom.

Members wishing to attend please RSVP via email by Thursday 27th July to Branch Chair - Emma Mendelsohn


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Queensland Branch of AEPMA is scheduled to take place on July 20th at 9am, via Microsoft Teams.

Members wishing to attend, please RSVP by Wednesday 19th July to 

West Indian Drywood Termite Survey

On behalf of Biosecurity Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries we invite AEPMA members to take part in a survey focusing on the West Indian Drywood Termite.

By taking just a few minutes of your time, you can help us better understand the impact of West Indian Drywood Termite and refine the strategies to combat this invasive species.

To access the survey conveniently, a QR code is attached below. 

Simply scan the QR code using your smartphone's camera or a QR code reader app, and you will be directed to the survey.


Strengthening Food Safety: HACCP International Certifications for Five Additional Sundew Solutions Products.

Ensuring the safety of our food supply is of paramount importance. The global community has witnessed a significant rise in the demand for effective pest control measures that do not compromise public health or the environment. 

Sundew Solutions is excited to announce that in July 2023 HACCP International granted five additional certification approvals to:

  • BattleaxePRO® Roach Bait Gel
  • BattleaxePRO® Professional Aerosol
  • VESPEX® range of European wasp products
  • ANTstripz® Professional Gel Bait Platform 
  • PestieDotz® Professional Gel Bait Platform

These certifications solidify Sundew Solutions’ commitment to food safety and mark a significant step forward in the battle against pests.

HACCP International is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on food safety management systems. The approval of Sundew Solutions’ products signifies their adherence to the highest standards in pest control practices. This achievement highlights the effectiveness and reliability of the company’s offerings and assures consumers, regulators and industry professionals of Sundew Solutions’ commitment to food safety.

The addition of these five new HACCP International products from Sundew brings the total of approvals to ten, following the certifications granted in February 2023 for:

  • AttractANT PRO® Ant Bait Gel 
  • ANTagonist®PRO 80SC Insecticide 
  • DeltaPRO 25 SC Insecticide
  • Ensnare®PRO 50 SC Insecticide 
  • Starrdust®PRO Insecticidal Dust

The HACCP International certification approvals for products from Sundew Solutions marks a significant milestone in the realm of food safety. These certifications testify to Sundew’s commitment to excellence and their tireless efforts to develop innovative, safe and effective solutions in pest control. 
As consumers and businesses alike seek assurance in the quality of products and services, Sundew Solutions has set a commendable example by achieving these certifications.  Sundew Solutions are dedicated to protecting public health, promoting food safety and leading the way towards a pest-free food safety future.

To download a copy of the Sundew HACCP certificates visit or email


Rapid Training – New Short Course Released 

Rapid Training has recently released a new short course “Service and Scheduling Basics”.
Responding to feedback from industry, we designed this course for people in pest management businesses who are handling customer enquiries or complaints and are scheduling in work for technicians.

It’s all about understanding what customers want – a professional, efficient experience with your business, including ensuring the technician is on the job on time and properly prepared!

The course is theory only, and you’ll learn about (or get a refresher on):
Customer interactions

  • Responding to customer enquiries and complaints
  • Investigation and documenting complaints
  • Scheduling and allocating pest control work
  • Organizing equipment and materials

The course is entirely online, consisting of multiple-choice questions based on the learning materials.
Because its online, its entirely self-paced and can be done in your own time. We allow up to 4 weeks for completion, but you could expect to get it done in about 6 hours.

Service and Scheduling Basics is $195. Complete your enrolment before 31st August 2023, to obtain our intro offer of a 20% discount on full course fee!

To find out more, including how to enrol, click here:


What about Snails?  

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, so when a problem arises thinking outside the box can be useful and can present an opportunity. Let’s look at termites, rodents, slugs and snails, which may seem unlikely bed fellows, however they present an opportunity for Pest Managers.

Sightings of snails and slugs don’t inject the same sense of concern as rodents and termites, however a simple solution to rid your client’s homes and gardens of these destructive pests easily and safely is a bonus. No more ruined flowers, plants and tubers. It’s also very useful if you have a problem with snails in your termite bait stations or rodent stations.

Ensystex’s Natural Mineral Snail & Slug Killer is the only certified organic input product that kills snails and slugs. A unique component of Natural Mineral Snail & Slug Killer is elemental iron powder. This is a more effective, natural alternative, to toxic chemical baits such as metaldehyde and methiocarb, with Natural Mineral Snail & Slug Killer displaying similar or better levels of control and protection. 

In fact, all the ingredients are currently used in either food for human consumption, nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals for human applications. 

Ensystex’s Mineral Snail & Slug Killer uniquely uses food grade elemental iron (Fe0) as used in dietary supplements; with a separate, free form, chelating agent that is widely used in human pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Each on their own have no effect on snails or slugs. They are kept quite separate in the Mineral Snail & Slug Killer bait and do not react with each other, even if the bait pellets are soaked by rain.

Only when the bait is eaten by the snails do the two compounds join and activate, in the low pH environment of the snail’s gut, resulting in the death of the snails. The snails or slugs simply lose their appetite and crawl off to seek shelter and protection where they die.

This means it is low-toxic to earthworms, soil micro-organisms, birds, fish, reptiles, and most importantly people and pets.

The low pH in the snail’s gut activates the product and causes the snails and slugs to stop feeding, leading to the death of the molluscs. 

The product delivers well as follows:

  • Designed to blend in with the environment.
  • Ready to use pelletised bait optimised for Australian snails and slugs.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Breaks down to natural nutrients for soils and plants.
  • Safe for use in areas with pets, birds and other fauna.

Approved for use with EXTERRA Stations and with RODENTHOR Bait Stations.

Check out our website for more information

Exploring The Control Of Cedar Moth Caterpillars 

Occasional pests are insects that appear periodically that can cause damage, spread disease or significantly impact the environment in which we live.

Cedar moth caterpillars is an example of an occasional pest that can cause significant damage to some species of trees and the numbers can be so significant that they can impact on the use of the environment in which we live.

Cedar moth caterpillars are the larval stage of the cedar moth, which is a small, grayish-brown moth that flies in the spring and summer months. The caterpillars feed on the tips of cedar and cypress branches, causing them to turn brown and die. 

They have a cyclical population cycle. In some years, their population will be very high, while in other years, there may be very few caterpillars. 

So, what are the treatment options available when dealing with occasional pests like the cedar moth larvae? Ideally a residual spray application will be the safest option in most cases, this allows the technician to apply a measured application of emulsion to the range of surfaces being treated.    
There are several insecticides available that can be applied to surfaces where the larvae may travel and will kill the caterpillars when they come in contact with the active residual. 

However, it is Envu’s, Suspend Flexx®, with its patented Partix Formulation Technology, that is most suited to for this application. The larger matrix capsule of this suspension concentrate ensures that the active ingredient (AI) is concentrated on top of any surface it is applied to, this results in foraging insects coming in contact with the AI and picking up the lethal dose required. Most other formulations available will see the AI being absorbed by more aggressive surfaces when applied, resulting in a treatment to the surface that is inconsistent.    

Suspend Flexx is HACCP certified, suitable for internal and external applications. Its flexible label allows for varying application rates to personalize treatments relative to the frequency of visits and low chemical level requirements on sensitive sites.

Ken Ferguson - Territory Business Development Manager

FMC is proud to sponsor the Australian Women's Pest Management Association Networking Breakfast

As well as celebrating the Administrator and Trainee of the Year award winners, there will be a presentation from Von Barnes from Pinnacle Properties QLD Pty Ltd on her journey through hard work and dedication to build a multimillion-dollar business.

Von is offering to share the many challenges she faced in her business journey, how to achieve success, deal with a male-dominated career and come out on top and empower yourself and those around you.

Held in conjunction with Pesticon 2023, this breakfast is open to everyone. So join us for a buffet breakfast on Thursday, 17th August, 7 am - 9 am $25 for AWPMA Members or $45 for Non-Members.
Registrations can be made via the online conference registration process 


The Fair Work Commission (FWC) released its Annual Wage Review decision on 2 June 2023. As per the decision, all Award rates will be raised by 5.75 percent.

The national minimum wage, applicable to employees not covered by awards or agreements, will be increased by 8.6 percent to $882.80 per week or $23.23 per hour. Allowances will also be adjusted according to the relevant consumer price index categories. 

More information can be found here.


"Dare to Devour: Karratha's Annual Cockroach Cup Challenges Participants to Eat Their Winning Critter"

The annual Cockroach Cup, not for the faint-hearted, presents a peculiar challenge. To claim the cash prize, the owner of the victorious critter must consume their roach. 

Would you dare to participate in this race?

Read more here 

Credit – ABC Australia 

FAOPMA Magazine July 2023 edition now available to download

The July 2023 issue of the FAOPMA Magazine is now available to download. 
Highlights include 

  • A focus on the new President, Mr Taro Kanazawa, with his visions for the future of FAOPMA, 
  • A new series on artificial intelligence and what it means for the pest control industry, 
  • Part one on the history of bed bug management (read how cat juice was used to control bed bugs!), 
  • Read how FAOPMA supported Sri Lanka during their recent dengue outbreak, 
  • Details of upcoming conferences, Pesticon and PestWorld (& others),  
  • Papers from FAOPMA-Pest Summit, 
  • Ovitraps, Tech Talk, News from the Associations and media, Features, and so much more! 

The latest issue can be downloaded here 

Yellow crazy ant outbreaks in Whitsundays linked to construction of new homes

With its tropical climate and picturesque beaches, the Whitsundays draw travellers from around the globe, but recently the area has been battling an unwelcome visitor.

A fifth outbreak of yellow crazy ants has now been confirmed in the Whitsundays.

The influx of ants has been linked to construction materials from locations with an existing pest problem. The ants are devastating to local wildlife and can throw acid which can burn people's skin and eyes.

Now, as more people choose to call the North Queensland region home, there are fears the construction of new houses could open it up to more invasions of the devastating insect.

Read more here 

Credit – ABC News 

Important Dates


  • Pesticon 2023 - 16th - 18th August @ Star Gold Coast 
  • Pesticon 2024 - 14th - 16th August @ Star Gold Coast 
  • PestWorld -  17th - 20th October 2023 
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