PestCert Accreditation

“PestCert is the Australian pest management industry’s badge of professional competence and pride.”


Achieving PestCert accreditation through AEPMA will assure potential customers that you and your business have been accredited to the highest standards. PestCert accreditation is only available to AEPMA Professional Members.

All PestCert members have chosen to be vetted against a strict Code of Practice, and consistently endeavour to deliver the highest level of service and workmanship required for ongoing accreditation.

More and more businesses and government agencies are demanding PestCert accreditation because they know PestCert accreditation is not handed out lightly. 

To gain PestCert accreditation, pest control operators must:

  • Prove they have advanced knowledge of and experience with the latest, safest, most effective pest management technologies, practices and tools, and the skills and expertise to use them the right way.
  • Strictly adhere to a demanding code of professional conduct which governs how they do business and deliver the highest possible quality service.
  • Commit to maintaining on-going, continuing professional development, requiring many hours of detailed study and advanced training.

Why Become A PestCert Accredited Pest Control Operator?

PestCert accreditation gives prospective customers complete confidence in your services. Learn more about the benefits of PestCert Membership here.

If you have any questions about PestCert accreditation, please contact us online or call us on 1300 307 114.


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