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President's Report

This is my first President’s Report and it is a great honour to follow on from my mentor and great friend, David Gay.  David’s contribution to the industry is second to none.  As President of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, David steered the industry through tough times into its strongest position ever with a healthy membership base, a suite of Code of Practices, with more to be released within the next twelve months, successful conferences; the development of the new website, business management systems and the implementation of our association’s internet based branding activities.  David also introduced a higher level of relevance with our international colleagues, especially throughout Asia, as well as bringing about the rejuvenation of the Pest Manager of the Year, which has now become a sought after award.    (Read more)


A little earlier than previous years, the WA Golf Day is to be held at the Collier Park Golf Course on the 17th September 2016.

The golf day is always a great opportunity for the industry to mingle on a social basis and catch up with old friends.

The day begins with lunch and then 18 holes of golf “carts included” which includes a drink cart to keep players hydrated, concluding with refreshments and presentations.

They day is always well supported and enjoyed by all. The WA council would like to that all sponsors for their continued support.

Further details in will be available in due course.

Cislin® celebrates 30 years – An icon of the Australian pest management industry

Cislin is a unique, successful and highly dependable brand in the Australian Pest Management industry, and has stood the test of time because of its consistent quality, reliability and simple value for money.  Bayer is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cislin brand -- an impressive longevity that can be attributed to these key success factors.
Paul Conradt, Pest Market Manager at Bayer, said “Consistent formulation quality and reliable performance has been a feature of the Cislin brand since it was introduced. Add to this a very high level of safety and you have the ideal general insect control product, which the industry has clearly recognised over this time period”.   (Read more)

Don’t forget to attend the Rapid Solutions Risk Management Conference

If they have not already done so, pest managers should register to attend the Rapid Solutions Risk Management Conference at Jupiters Hotel & Casino on the Gold Coast on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August.

By attending this year’s conference there won’t be a better opportunity for pest managers to network with their peers, make new friends and socialise in a relaxed environment.

“Large numbers of pest managers have already registered to attend, with the numbers on track to exceed those of previous years. It will be the biggest conference we have run,” said Chris Murphy, marketing manager for Rapid Solutions.

“The conference is only held once every two years so the fact that we have achieved such a strong commitment to attend is an indication of how much value pest managers place on being there.

“One trend we have seen this year is that many businesses owners and managers are bringing their technicians along as well. This recognises the depth and breadth of knowledge, information and experience that is available to delegates who attend. (Read more)

Update for Training Package for Certificate III

On 11 June AEPMA were advised by the CPSISC that the revised Training Package for Certificate III in Urban Pest Management has now been submitted to the Department of Education and Training (DET) for endorsement.  This process usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

Once the training package is endorsed it will be available on
RTOs will then have 12 months to fully implement the changes.

You can view the final units that have been submitted along with the full submission documents at:
Under the heading:
Current Case for Endorsement Submission(s)
CPP V2 Property Services Training Package

You little ripper - promoting integrated rabbit control

There are a variety of different tools available to land managers to control rabbits, and some of these are more effective than others. This was the message which twenty four participants from across Victoria and Tasmania learnt at a recent Rabbit Leadership Course in Bacchus Marsh Victoria. 

Sessions were structured with learning the principles of rabbit control then getting out into the paddock to learn first-hand practical techniques. This included ripping rabbit warrens, fumigation, baiting and implosion methods. During the evenings, participants mastered spotlighting techniques, which is a crucial skill for monitoring rabbit numbers, in support of designing and evaluating programs.

National Rabbit Management Facilitator with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC), Michael Reid, believes that there are big gains to be made in rabbit management by coordinating across properties and thinking about landscape scale outcomes.   (Read more)

Big changes to annual leave provisions in awards coming

Employers have succeeded in persuading the Fair Work Commission to vary modern awards to include new provisions in relation to annual leave. These concern (i), being able to require employees to acquit excessive leave, (ii) cashing-out annual leave, (iii) the taking of annual leave in advance and (iv) EFT and the timing of annual leave payments. 

Of these changes, the first has the most import. Many employees have accumulated annual leave which is a growing liability on balance sheets across all industries and locations in Australia. The new provision, whose detail is still to be finalised, will provide a mechanism for employers to require employees to acquit excessive leave. FWC has indicated it will hear from interested parties about the final details of the new provision and whether or not it is to go into all modern awards. This will be dealt with this year.  (Read more)

Aqua K-Othrine expanded label claims

Bayer is pleased to announce some welcome label extensions to Aqua K-Othrine®.

In addition to its Mosquito and Fly claims, Aqua K-Othrine can now be used to target: 

1.    Stored product pests 
2.    Spiders
3.    American and German cockroaches

Situations: Domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, including food processing establishments, shops, factories, farm buildings, warehouses, ships, offices, schools, storerooms, hospitals, barracks, private houses 

Rate: 2.5 mL/ 1000 m3

These new registrations give the professional pest controller a better performing/cost alternative to natural pyrethrum.

For more information call your local Bayer Representative or phone 1800 804 479.

Change or fail: Why human behaviour matters for pest animal control

Is it a pest problem or a people problem when managing the complex challenge of pest animals? The essential ingredient of pest animal communications – to deploy what we know about human behaviour – is being promoted in a new practical guide from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and the University of New England.

The publication, Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical Guide, aims to make life easier for communication practitioners by explaining in plain English how advances in psychology can change behaviour and empower farmers and land managers to adopt new approaches for best practice pest animal control.    (Read more)

AEPMA Life Members – Alan Evered

It’s time to introduce the next of our exceptional Life Members…..

Alan Evered joined Shell chemicals in 1962 and became a member of the Victorian Pest and Weed Control Association.  Shell used to produce aldrin and dieldrin for termite management as well as diazinon, maldison and dichlorvos.

Alan, along with Jack Flick, John McCarron and Ray Peek, was a prime mover in the formation of the Council of Australian Pest Control Associations (CAPCA).  (Read more)

AEPMA Photography Prize

Are you an avid photographer?
The AEPMA Photography Prize is for the best photograph of Australian Pests. Entries must relate to pest management and could include (but not be limited to):

Urban Pest Species, Pest Management Situations, People involved in pest management, damage caused by pests, etc.

Entries close on 31st March 2016 and winners will be published on the AEPMA website, with an Exhibition to be held in September 2016.  For more information, see the attached flyer or visit the AEPMA website.

Update on transfer of licensing from WorkCover to EPA NSW

AEPMA recently met with the NSW EPA to discuss the administration of the new licensing legislation in NSW.  NSW EPA will take over licensing from the 1st September 2015, when it will officially be transferred from WorkCover.  

After the changeover, the EPA have indicated that for the next 2 years, at least, there will be no major changes to licensing.  The existing Units of Competency will remain the basis for licensing and fee charges for licensing will remain virtually unchanged, except for small CPI incremental adjustments.  The department has communicated that it will then undertake a comprehensive review of the licensing, which would involve stakeholder consultations, but the department was were quick to express the view that there was no plan to make any major changes to the existing system.  

More detailed updates will be provided as they come through.

Misuse of the AEPMA Logo

It was brought to the attention of the Association recently, that a number of non-member pest control firms were illegally using the AEPMA logo.  Membership of the Association confers on its members a commercial advantage and use of the Association’s logo is misleading to consumers and potentially financially damaging to bona fide members of the Association.

Misuse of the logo can be in one or more of the following formats (but not limited to);

(a)    Display of the Association’s logo on vehicles;
(b)    Display of the Association’s logo on websites;
(c)    A company’s advertisement in Telstra’s Yellow Pages directory, displaying the Association’s logo;
(d)    Advertising material or stationery displaying the logo.

AEPMA will be paying particular focus to companies misusing the AEPMA logo and may take legal action against any company found to be misrepresenting their membership with the Association.

If anyone knows of a non-member using the AEPMA logo, please contact the AEPMA National Office on 1300 307 114, or email to

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Upcoming Events

June/July 2015 - Pestech 2015 - Click here to download flyer

14-15 August 2015 - Rapids Risk Management Conference in the Gold Coast

17 September 2015 - WA Golf Day

Don't forget to mark your diaries for the 26th FAOPMA Conference "Solving Pest Problems" to be held 14-16 September 2016 on the Gold Coast.

For further information on any of the events above, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office on 1300 307 114.
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