FipForce HP High Performance Termiticide and Insecticide


The formulation chemists at Sherwood have nailed it again. We are excited to inform you about some significant improvements to the product FipForce HP (High Performance) Termiticide & Insecticide that delivers an increase of up to 50% in hole spacings when drill and inject is required.

In May 2021 we introduced FipForce HP Termiticide & Insecticide (which is a significant upgrade and investment in FipForce Aqua) using the latest high performance polymeric surfactants to deliver up to 33% time savings compared to standard fipronil products in the Australian market. 

FIPFORCE HP (as in ‘High Performance’) sets the new benchmark in non-repellent Fipronil soil treatments in Australia in particular for drill and injections through concrete.

FipForce HP has been approved to inject at up to 300mm hole spacings in sand and 250mm in loam, which reduces the number of drill holes required and brings a fipronil drill and inject treatment up to an inline with bifenthrin and imidacloprid label rates. Not only does a new fipronil job become faster to prepare and complete you now get the benefit of not having to drill an extra hole in between existing plugs when retreating older bifenthrin or imidacloprid treatment zones. 

The Fipforce formulation was developed by Sherwood using advanced polymeric surfactant technology which is relatively new formulation chemistry for water based formulations . The benefit of polymeric surfactant systems when combined with controlled micro sized particles is the long term stability of SC formulations in the bottle and also when diluted before spraying, most users would be familiar with this if they have used FipForce Aqua in the past.

When we talk about formulation stability we are referring to the separation of some SC formulations in the bottle which is a common issue which occurs after 6-12 months with poor quality SC formulations. The other significant benefit we have found with Polymeric surfactant technology is the superior wetting and dispersant properties when the formulation is diluted with water and applied to soil.

In soil infiltration studies completed by Sherwood in Australia on FipForce in sand and loam, we observed that the FipForce formulation effectively dispersed the active ingredient Fipronil horizontally in sand up to 300mm. 

The 300mm drill hole spacings in concrete have been an industry standard practice for over 30+ years with other formulations incorporating Bifenthrin and Imidacloprid for termite treatments , however the original branded fipronil termiticide which was launched in 2002 in Australia was limited to 200mm drill hole spacings. 

As a guess we expect this was due to the formulations inability to disperse the active effectively and meet the standard. 

FipForce HP T & I will be rolled out through all leading distributors and a summary of the changes are as follows;

  • New Fipronil treatments: 33% less drill holes required in concrete (Compared to other Fipronil SC products).
  • Re-treatments:   No new drill holes (where Bifenthrin & Imidacloprid zones have been installed)** (Over the last 20+yrs Bifenthrin & Imidacloprid drill & inject barriers were drilled at up to 300mm hole spacing. With FIPFORCE HP - you can retreat these barriers with a Fipronil based product without having to drill new holes unlike all other standard fipronils on the market which require extra drill holes.
  • Label improvements references to the AEPMA Codes of Practice for Termite Management
  • Extended label to cover General Pests (Ants, cockroach, spiders, flies, millipede, house cricket)
  • You save $ on labour & equipment 

FipForce HP accreditation can now be done on line by going to the FipForce website ( A short 30 min presentation followed up by answering a few questions online will mean your staff will be up to date with the latest changes to hit the fipronil market and your business will be added to the list of certified installers along with improving your business name search results on the internet. 

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