NSW _ACT Branch Update


A virtual AEPMA NSW ACT Branch meeting was held on Microsoft Teams on Monday 1 March 2021.

As usual there were some difficulties for some people to join in which a common problem with virtual meetings. We had a reasonable turnout of 8 delegates out of 13 which is not a bad number. 

Cancelling the usual February Hawks Nest/ Tea Gardens meeting due to Covid 19 (after nearly 15 years of gathering there) was a very difficult and sad decision for myself and Shayne Reynolds however it was best for everyone’s safety including locals who are for a large part, retirees.

As usual a lot was discussed such as:Considerable work has been done on the review of the Code of Practice for Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections with two of your State Council members involved and the document is now available on the AEPMA website. 

NSW Pest Manager Licencing
We were informed by Mr Martin Bowles (NSW EPA) on 21 December 2020 of several matters

Timber pest control licence - After having received Ministerial approval, work is underway to kick off the necessary changes to the NSW Pesticides Regulation 2017. They don’t have a clear timeline for that yet as it will depend on the priorities of the NSW Parliamentary Counsel (who keep getting diverted on public health orders) but they are hoping to at least see a draft Regulation amendment perhaps sometimes in 2021. They will seek the Association’s views on implementation timing and administrative arrangements.

Automatic mutual recognition – the Commonwealth Government released the draft national legislation and the national intergovernmental agreement for public comments.  As this process is being coordinated across NSW Government by State Treasury. They are awaiting advice from them on next steps at the State level.

National Agvet chemical system expert review panel draft report in all: 264 pages and 139 recommendations – the Panel released its quite expansive report for public comment.   

This has some pretty ‘big’ recommendations, including a complete Commonwealth Government takeover of the regulation of the use of pesticides and the establishment of a national licensing function. All of the above are of course very relevant to conversations going forward about the Association’s (AEPMA) 2020 licensing model.
The report was discussed at the meeting including Dr Chris Orton reply to the draft report.

Well done Dr Chris Orton. It would have been hard to have done a more comprehensive submission in the small amount of time. 

Mr Luke Formosa (NSW EPA) advised of several mouse bait exposure incidents in western NSW with the mouse plague, due to the “off label” use of mouseoff baits in domestic settings and the possible liberation of phosphine gas.The NSW EPA will be engaging PMTs in the local government areas to remove unlawful 

mouse baits from domestic settings and to take the baits to a nominated disposal site.
Relevant local government areas for current MouseOff operation:

  • Warren Shire council (Warren, Nevertire, Collie)
  • Coonamble Shire Council (Coonamble, Gulargambone, Quambone)
  • Walgett Shire council (Walgett, Collarenebri, Rowena, Lightning Ridge)
  • Brewarrina Shire Council
  • Bogan Shire Council        

    Some others close by in case needed:

  •     Dubbo Regional Council (Dubbo, Wellington)
  •     Narromine Shire Council (Narromine, Trangie)

 Due to the complexity of the matter and as it may involve additional adjacent States, this matter  was referred to the National Office to liaise with NSW EPA. 

AEPMA NSW is seeking a meeting with NSW EPA for further discussions on the all the above matters.

AEPMA will keep you posted when more information is available.

If you are experiencing operational or licencing issues with NSW EPA which are affecting your businesses, please let us know in writing or talk to one of your State Council members or the AEPMA National Office. 

AEPMA NSW ACT has a good working relationship with NSW EPA and most simple things can be worked out positively.

The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council would like to welcome new member 

  • Paul – Inner West Pest Control

Please feel free to get in touch with AEPMA NSW ACT Council delegates if needed 

Urban Pest Management Industry Training Advisory Group (PMITAG NSW) 

Dr Chris Orton, Secretary, PMITAG NSW

PMITAG NSW maintains a Circulation List for its emailed documents and welcomes additions to the list. If you wish to be added to the list, please email Chris Orton, PMITAG NSW Secretary at c.orton@unsw.edu.au.A meeting was be held on 10 March 2021 

Next meeting will be held on 9 June 2021

If anyone would like to attend the meeting, just send me or Chris an email 

The AEPMA National conference “Pesticon”is to be held on the 22- 24 September 2021 at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast. More details available on AEPMA website.

I would like to make you aware of a discussion I have had with a researcher at UNSW regarding a technical matter he had with Pyemotes and their connection with Anobium punctatum (Furniture beetle). I though this would be of interest to the industry as we often get calls from customers for irritations or bites and can’t always work out what the problem is.

The following could be a potential cause
Scientific article about Pyemotes ventricosus, written by French dermatologists
Second, a link to an Italian pest control company, which has good information in English about this problem. 

Mr Patrick Legey thanks all for attending the State Council and Ms Kylee Enwright for organising it.
Patrick Legey for the AEPMA NSW ACT State Council
Patrick@austrapest.com.au Phone: 0438 022984 or 
National office: 1 300 307114 or Email: info@aepma.com.au