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In an increasingly litigious society, it pays to protect your business by applying best practice techniques to every job. And safeguarding it through insurance, of course. Combining these will greatly reduce your chances of financial and reputational issues from inaccurate or vague reporting to your customers.

At Rapid Solutions, we are currently seeing an increase in enquiries regarding potential claims for pre-purchase inspection and termite management reports. Remember: if your recommendations aren’t accurate and super tight, you may find yourself at least proportionately liable.

As an insurer focused on reducing the number of complaints and claims our clients experience, a while back Rapid Solutions created the Rapid Inspect reporting app. This has just undergone a major update, making real-time reporting simpler, customer friendly and easy to navigate whilst you’re on the job.

On-the-job mobile reporting 
With pest and building inspections, writing as you go – in real-time – is vital for reporting that hits the mark. No relying on memory or hastily jotted notes. No face palm moment after submitting a report, when you realise a detail or recommendation was missed that could mean the difference between a great result and an insurance claim.

Just as you would use Google Maps to navigate your drive to a job, why wouldn’t you use an app to guide you through the job itself? To ensure you tick all the boxes and don’t unintentionally overlook something?

Today’s technology makes compliant reporting simple. And we’ve made it even simpler, with the new release of our Rapid Inspect app. Learn more.

Free to download, Rapid Inspect’s new update has been designed to answer users’ feedback on modifications and inclusions we needed to offer. You spoke, we listened. We worked closely with a number of industry professionals to build our latest release, to ensure we got the user experience right.

Rapid Inspect is designed to reduce the risk of reporting errors and mistakes. It does this by walking you through all reporting requirements of the Australian Standards as you progress inspection and treatment reports. 

What’s new?
New features include Inspect Mode, which allows you to take photos and upload them immediately to your report as you move throughout the job site. We also now have a sketch function to draw site maps. Further, our easy to follow reporting templates result in quality reports featuring your company branding. 

Using our desktop site, you can now also add team members to keep track of any report’s progress and access all reports. That way you can review and send completed reports to your customers quickly and easily.
iPhone, iPad and Android mobile compatible, the latest release of Rapid Inspect is available for download on your smart device. Learn more.

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