The Optimal Solution for Protecting Timber

Permethor® Shield is the latest innovative product from Ensystex. Permethor Shield is a low odour emulsion concentrate insecticide that provides long-term control of a wide range of insect pests in a wide range of situations.
Ensystex’s regional director, Steve Broadbent explained, “Permethor Shield is unique in its low odour approach in this protection segment. It is particularly effective for controlling timber pests including drywood termites e.g. Cryptotermes brevis, C primus and C domesticus and timber borers (beetles) and then providing ongoing long-term protection against reinfestation.
“It is also approved for protecting carpets and other fabrics from pests such as fleas, silverfish, carpet beetles (Anthrenus spp), webbing clothes moths (Tineola spp) and case-making clothes moths (Tinea pellionella); together with the control of general insect pest species in and around properties.
“Permethor Shield is also one of the few products approved for protecting aircraft from various pest species including pests of quarantine import. It is also labelled for fabric and clothing repellent treatments to protect against mosquitoes and biting flies.
“For maximum flexibility Permethor Shield can be diluted with water, deodorised kerosene, or non-staining light oils and provides a high level of safety in use.
“When using Permethor Shield we recommend pest managers commence with a thorough inspection before treatment. Certain dry-wood termite species e.g. C brevis, are notifiable pests, and it is important to ensure identification of frass is completed before treatment, to determine if this species is present. Given it is approved for direct treatment of timbers, carpets and fabrics for long-term protection, it is also a good idea to ensure the diluted product is compatible with materials to be protected by testing a small area first.
“Prior to treatment for drywood termites and borers, timbers should be cleaned and lightly sanded for best results and to allow absorption of the solution. With borers, damaged areas should be drilled, and the solution injected into the timber until it is unable to absorb more liquid. 
All infested areas, as indicated by the expulsion of frass, must be treated for maximum effect. A single application is usually sufficient, with continued expulsion of frass often due to movement of the timber, rather than reinfestation. Improved penetration will be found if Permethor Shield is diluted with deodorised light-oils when treating for timber pests.”
Further details can be found at or by contacting your local Ensystex Area Manager.