New Industry Needs Pest Management Expertise

A new agricultural industry needs your insect killing skill, to save insects!!! Sounds crazy right?

Insect breeding farms are now springing up around the world and are hailed to be the future food to help feed the masses…. but only if they can get on top of pest management. Insects are up to six times more efficient at producing animal protein than conventional animals (cows, sheep). By 2050 we need to increase food production six-fold, or billions of people will struggle to put food on the table. We are not necessarily talking about eating the insect directly (although cricket protein bars and muffins are delicious), initially we are talking about using insect to feed chickens, fish, pigs etc.

Glenn Kvassay is a commercial insect farmer and consultant who trains people how to breed insects commercially or for the hobbyist ( For 14 years he has bred insects for the pet trade, wildlife rescue, zoos and now for human consumption (from subsistent farmers to large commercial).

As an example, in a recent consultant with one of the biggest cricket farmers in Canada, they had a major spider problem that has dramatically reduced production. But spiders are just the beginning…cockroaches, rats, mice, wasps, geckoes, flies and mites all love to either eat the insects or infest the substrate they reside in. But one of the problems the industry faces is that many of the chemical-based solutions for pest management not only kill the pests, they also kill the insect product. So the industry needs low or no chemical solutions. This is where you may be able to help?.

Glenn is producing an online training course to commercial insect breeders to help them not only breed the insects but importantly how to manage pests. Below are ways you may be able to help:

Do you have specialized skills in managing spiders, rats, mice, wasps, geckoes, vinegar flies, other flies, or mites using low or no chemical techniques. 

Do you know people with specialist entomology knowledge for the species listed above?

Larger clients may need a pest management plan which Glenn would require someone to prepare. 

Would you like to provide advice either as a paid consultation to Glenn (when a client has a specific issue) or:

Provide a free video/podcast on his online training platform which provides a promotional opportunity for your business or the AEPMA

Affiliate links for local insect breeders who need pest management solutions.

As part of the online training courses, is developing an insect industry directory which includes pest management contacts. One of the AEPMA members has already provided invaluable  advice in helping solving the spider issue above, and Glenn is keen to find other with specialized experience.

If this is something that interests you please contact Glenn (0417729509) at to discuss or to provide links to existing pest management information. 

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