PMITAG NSW Summary Report 2018 to 2020

Urban Pest Management Industry Training Advisory Group NSW (PMITAG NSW) is a Board Committee of AEPMA operating as a ‘think tank’ focussing on training, CPD and related matters and supporting AEPMA NSW Council.
Dr Chris Orton, Secretary PMITAG NSW, tabled a PMITAG NSW Summary Report for period 2018 to 2020
Meetings and membership 
PMITAG NSW met 4 times in 2018, 4 times in 2019 and in March 2020. As at 11/3/20, it has 18 members and 16 of these attended meetings in the reporting period. It has a Circulation List of 36 but its circulated documents are known to be read by over 50 persons. The last election of Office Bearers was held on 11 March 2020 and at this meeting, R. Vidler was elected Chair, G. Stephenson and K. Farrow were elected Deputy Chairs and C. Orton was elected Secretary. 
The following topics are reviewed at every meeting:
• All correspondence and communications received and sent since the last meeting;
• All documents circulated since the last meeting;
• The recent review of the Pest Management Training Package and Artibus Innovation activities in respect of the review;
• PMITAG NSW Continuous Improvement Register for future Training Package reviews;
• Reports received from other P.M. Training bodies:
• Proposed and recently completed CPD activities;
• Training requirements relating to AEPMA CoBPs;
• NSW P.M. Licensing developments as reported by AEPMA NSW Council.
Other significant topics discussed in the reporting period:
• Proposed changes to the Training Package Review process, in particular a proposal that AEPMA should apply to take over the process;
• The proposed Trainee Logbook for NSW licensing;
• The AEPMA Field Biologist training course;
• The negative impact of state harmonisation on improving the quality of licensing;
• Requirements for and availability of fumigation licensing training;
• Language, Literacy and Numeracy problems relating to P.M. Training;
• Recent changes within TAFE NSW;
• The future of advanced training in pest management and the emerging crisis in our ability to ‘train the trainers’.  The AEPMA National Board has now decided that future advanced training will be provided by courses based on AEPMA Codes of Best Practice. 
• Major issues being handled by AEPMA National Board;
• Archiving and accessibility of PMISC/PMITAG NSW documents.
If you are interested in membership or being added to the PMITAG NSW Circulation List, please contact the Secretary, Chris Orton by email: