Slingshot Reaches New Heights


The phone rings. The customer has a problem with wasps that have taken up residency and claimed the immediate territory as their own, attacking anybody who has the audacity to come anywhere near their nest. You do a deal to send an operator to fix the problem only to look around and find the operator (who actually heard your conversation) you would allocate the job has fled the scene, hiding out of site, hoping somebody else gets it.

Treating a wasp nest is a tricky thing to do under any circumstance. Getting close enough to treat the nest is fraught with danger as the roaming wasps will attack as soon as you are within cooee. It can get really ugly when you need to use a ladder for a nest three stories from the ground. It’s practically impossible to scurry to the    ground before they catch up and give you a good hiding. Even worse if they are the European variety when not three or four attack, but fifty or so.

Ted Herbert, previously known as Mr Pestico until the sale of his business in 2000 was approached by a leading company in Sydney to use his inventive talents to solve this very real problem. He was given the challenge to design a method of contaminating wasp nests from a safe distance and without using chemicals that could attract unwanted attention from sensitive sections of the community.

The professional pest control industry now has a new weapon for their armoury with the product named SLINGSHOT Remote Aerosol Dispenser.

SLINGSHOT is a no fuss, simple contraption that gives you the opportunity to apply aerosol products from a safe distance. When mounted atop a coarse threaded painter’s pole the product can be delivered safely and efficiently without your feet never leaving the ground. The height at which this product can be used is limited only by your imagination.

SLINGSHOT can accommodate most standard aerosols and can be adjusted accordingly. The contents are delivered directly from the can valve at a rate of about 150% that of the fitted jet and travel 2.0 – 3.0 metres. It is set to use most 400 gram aerosols with adjustments available for others.

SLINGSHOT can be used for webbing spiders outside buildings, in high raked ceilings in residences or warehouses for any type of pest where a fast knockdown without a mess is required.

An extension probe is supplied for direct injection into the soft papery nests of the European Wasp. As with any pesticide, care should be taken with the selection of the product to be used and must not be used for any reason contrary to that for which it is registered. 

SLINGSHOT can be purchased for $59.00 ++ (painters pole not included) online at or email at with online banking. For all other enquiries call Ted on 0407 440 999.



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