New South Wales ACT AGM


NSW / ACT – Patrick Legey (Chairman)

The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council AGM was held on 18 May 2020 at 4.00 pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the meeting was held by teleconference.

The AGM was well attended and we had the pleasure to welcome some new people and Mr Greg Moon (Life Member).

After the acceptance of the apologies and the previous minutes, Patrick Legey vacated the Chair and invited Dr Chris Orton to take over the position of Chairman of the meeting for the Election of Members and Office Bearers.  

There were 14 nominations for the NSW ACT State Council for 2020-2022:

  • Mr Patrick Legey (Austrapest),
  • Mr Gary Stephenson (Gary Stephenson Pest Industry Consultants), 
  • Ms Kylee Enwright (CPR Pest Management),
  • Mr Geoff Bryce (Bryce Pest Control), Mr Colin Urey (Drop Dead Pest Control),
  • Mr Don Wilson (Wilson’s Pest Control), Dr Chris Orton (UNSW),
  • Mr Greg Moon (All Pest and Termite Solutions and Life member),
  • Mr Kevin Parson (Globe Pest Solutions), Mr Shaun Coe (Flick- Anticimex),
  • Mr Shayne Reynolds (Rentokil),
  • Mr Ed Covey (Termitus Pest Management and retired),
  • Mr Andrew Knight (Ensystex), 
  • Mr Paul Enwright (CPR Pest Management).

As there was no objection, all nominees are now AEPMA NSW ACT State Councillors for the next two years (2020-2022).

  • Mr Patrick Legey was re-elected as Chairman
  • Ms Kylee Enwright was elected as Vice Chairman
  • Mr Gary Stephenson was re-elected as NSW ACT Delegate to the National Board
  • Mr Greg Moon was re- elected as alternate delegate to the National Board 

Mr Patrick Legey also indicated the next two years as Chairman will be his last. 14 Years as Chairman is long enough and every efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement before the next AGM.

By now most members would be aware of NSW EPA dropping Urban Pest Management Competency unit 6 for Fumigation. Unit 11 was improved in the last Training package review and is now the only unit requirement for a NSW Fumigation Licence.This, according to Mr Peter Meadows (AEPMA Life Member who has been involved in commercial and quarantine fumigation training for a very long time) only took 25 years in the making. As you know all good things take a long time. 

What will this do? Fumigation Training in line with other Australian States, will do a lot for mutual recognition and if the requirements are the same, it will perhaps be a step for a National Fumigation Licence.

During the Review of the NSW Pesticide Regulations 2017, the NSW ACT State Council also identified several other licencing matters that needed some improvement such as termite work which are likely going to be on the agenda for the next two years. Customers are horrified when they find that their Pest Manager is not required to be licenced when inspecting their house for Timber Pests or managing the termites in their most valuable asset.

Due to Coid-19 and its implications, Trainee Pest Management Technicians and Fumigators who hold a training permit from the EPA, now have until 21 October 2020 to enrol in an approved course. All the other regulation requirements remain, so trainees must still carry out any pesticide work under the supervision of a qualified supervisor. 

Any questions or comments you may have on the update to NSW fumigator licence qualifications can be directed to, or you may call Martin Bowles of the EPA’s Regulatory Policy and Reform Branch on 02 9995 5794.

As you can see there will be plenty for your State Councillors to do for the next two years and we will never give up. We will eventually get what we want even if it takes time.

Gary Stephenson discussed some of the National matters such the AEPMA National Conference being deferred till next year. 

Pest Manager of the year Awards 2020 once again very generously sponsored by BASF and are still going ahead this year, so it is time to get your nomination forms from the AEPMA Website.

We encourage you all to have a go at it!

Nominations will close on the 1st July with winners being announced in August.

A logbook for trainees is available on the AEPMA website. Use it!

Dr Chris Orton on behalf of the delegates thanked Patrick Legey for his huge efforts in liaising with NSW EPA. Patrick Legey said the efforts came not only from him but all delegates on the State Council.

Dr Chris Orton suggested that while the current Covid-19 Pandemic is not related to insects, its impact has been so significant that the Pest Management Industry, led by AEPMA, should develop plans and policies to deal with possible future pandemics, particularly if they involve transmission by pests.
Patrick Legey said it was important to have a strong State Council as new matters will arise such as NSW EPA and Urban Pest Management Training. Having served on two Training Package reviews, he knows that due to the pressure of outside industries and the lack of technical 
material to offer at the time of the review we get what we get.

We can’t wait till the next review to develop technical materials as those things take so long to write and get approved. It does not matter how AEPMA/we go about it, we must have something to present at the next review.

The next meeting will be held on 22 June 2020 at 4 pm details to be confirmed at a later stage
Any queries, I can be contacted on 0438 022984 or email: or contact the National office at


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