APVMA - “consultation on use patterns for anticoagulant rodenticide”


The APVMA has asked for feedback regarding “consultation on use patterns for anticoagulant rodenticide”

The key issues they have raised are:

Products considered anticoagulant rodenticides have been prioritised for reconsideration on the basis of concerns for worker exposure, public health and environmental safety.

The use of products in domestic premises, animal production facilities and food production facilities is currently allowed.

International jurisdictions (including the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the European Chemicals Agency) have taken action to limit access to these products by non-professional users, and to restrict the product formulations available and the situations in which these products may be used.

The APVMA is consulting with the states and territories and relevant holders regarding the registered particulars and conditions of use for anticoagulant rodenticide products. This does not include the intentional misuse of the products, not in accordance with the label instructions.

The APVMA have welcomed submissions from the pest industry regarding:

  • The need for anticoagulant rodenticide products to be used in home garden or domestic settings;
  • The need for anticoagulant rodenticide products to be used in residential or suburban settings, for example, for public health or public sanitation programs;
  • The need for anticoagulant rodenticide products to be used in or around buildings, including those used to house livestock, or in or around on-farm buildings (including homesteads);
  • The need for anticoagulant rodenticide products to be formulated as powders, gels, liquids, pellets, grains or pastes;
  • The likelihood of compliance with post-application sanitisation instruction (eg the timely collection of poisoned rodent carcasses, and the appropriate disposal of carcasses);
  • The label instructions, particularly the adequacy of instructions to prevent inadvertent exposure to the product;
  • Critical uses for anticoagulant rodenticide products, particularly in primary production; and,
  • Other relevant matters related to the use of anticoagulant rodenticide products.

AEPMA have submitted this letter, and if you could assist, we would appreciate if you could also submit this letter on your company letterhead to the APVMA along with any thoughts you may have.

The deadline for submissions is the 3rd July 2020 and must be sent via email to chemicalreview@apvma.gov.au 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Further information from the APVMA website may be found here 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the AEPMA National Office.

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