South Australian AGM

South Australia – David Lavender (Secretary)
The AGM of the South Australian AEPMA Branch was held on Monday 1st June at 4pm via teleconference.  Thank you to all who attended. 
National Office Report was read by Vasili Tsoutouras with special note made regarding the ongoing COVID-19 Situation and the issues related. 
AEPMA has made a representation to State, Territory and Federal Jurisdictions to allow pest control as an essential service.                                                                        
The AEPMA Conference for 2020 has been postponed and will be held in 2021                  
Disinfection guidelines quickly in place by new working party.     
Codes of Practice of which AEPMA now have a healthy suite that either have been or are currently being reviewed
All Councillors vacated their Committee positions and the SA Branch then elected the following members to the listed duties:        

Chairman Mr. Mark Wagner                                                                 

Vice Chairman Mr. Chris Durward           


Delegate to AEPMA Mr Vasili Tsoutouras                

Alternate Delegate to AEPMA Mr. Mark Wagner                                       

SA Councillors

Mr. Chris Krawec       

Mr. Daniel Bird   

Mrs. Sarah Cutting     

Mr. Anthony Beyer     

Mr. Tom McCutcheon         

Secretary Mr. David Lavender

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th September at 4pm.

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