A new dimension in Rodenticide Baits?



Rodenthor® Gel Rodenticide is a totally new concept in rodent baits that exploits Ensystex’s pioneering LipoGel Technology™.

Ensystex’s Regional Director, Mr Steve Broadbent, advises, “This technology allows us to blend the finest food ingredients, together with specially derived Lurent Aromatics™, to create a gel bait which retains high qualities of long-term stability, attraction, moisture retention and palatability.

“This is not just another ‘soft bait’; it is a uniquely derived formulation which is produced in a dedicated production line where we blend various vegetable fats and proteins, enriched with cereals and sugars, together with our specially derived Lurent Aromatics, to create a soft, creamy bait. This facility uses a food-grade stainless-steel, hermetically sealed, planetary mixer to blend the ingredients, which also locks in the Lurent Aromatics.

“Our Lurent Aromatics derive from the fact that rodents are driven more by scent than taste. This led us to develop a unique blend of distinctive aromas that rodents find exceptionally inviting. These aromas very actively draw the rodents to the LipoGel placements.

“Rodenthor Gel uses brodifacoum within the increased water activity LipoGel formulation to provide rapid efficacy, as well as the convenience and capacity of rapid baiting. The availability of brodifacoum in this format gives rapid absorption into the rodents’ soft tissues for faster kill.

“The Lurent Aromatics ensure rodents are lured to the bait, where the fine food ingredients and high moisture content provide for improved palatability and fast results.
“Rodenthor Gel is ready-to-use and supplied in 300 g caulking tubes. This means it is simply applied with a caulking gun, which allows it to be placed more quickly into bait stations, without the worry of spillage. It is non-allergenic which means it can be used in sensitive areas.

“Rodenthor Gel is formulated to ensure high-adhesion to any type of surface. In fact, the unique formulation ensures high adhesiveness in all weather conditions. It doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t dry out, it doesn’t degrade in damp environments and it doesn’t melt under high temperatures. This means it will stay in your Rodent Stations and not be removed by the rodents, as can occur with block baits or soft bait sachets.

Mr Broadbent concluded, “What has been most amazing is just how much the rats love this product. It is the most palatable bait I have seen in forty years of pest management. At our web site, pest managers can see a video where the rodents are actually come out and eat the bait from the caulking tube as the pest manager is baiting them at a piggery!”

Ensystex’s Western Australia Area Manager, William Killen, who performed some of the regulatory trials with local pest managers, similarly advises, “The results were unbelievable! I had one property where a lady just sat and watched mice run around her house. The mice droppings in the place were unbelievable. After 3-days, there was nothing, all the mice were gone. I set my motion sensor camera up in her horse stables where rats were present. There was so much activity the camera battery ran out on the first night. The end result was that all the rats were cleaned out in less than 2-weeks. The palatability was just great.”

Video link: Rodents just love Rodenthor Gel
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