NSW Branch Meeting – Update by Patrick Legey


The 10th Annual Tea Gardens meeting took place from the 14th – 16th February 2020. 

A meeting was held on Saturday 15 February 2020 at the Hawks Nest Golf Club Boardroom, Hawks Nest, NSW

The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council delegates were very pleased to welcome Paul Enwright of CPR Pest Management Services.

As usual alot was discussed such as the Codes of Best Practice. National office has sent emails to all members regarding contributing to the review of the Codes if anyone is up to the task (see below).

Code of Practice Working Parties –AEPMA is undertaking reviews of our Codes of best Practice this year, we are inviting any members who are interested in joining a working party to conduct the review to register their interest with the national office.  To register – they can send through an email to the national office (info@aepma.com.au) and let us know:

  • Their details (name and company)
  • Which working parties they are interested in joining
  • A brief outline of their experience that is relevant to the Code of Practice Working Parties they wish to join

Alternatively, if they don’t want to join a working party, they can also send through any comments they have regarding any of the Codes of Practice, again to the National Office via email.

If you want to make a difference then it is time to do so, I have already put my name for three of the Code reviews …..what about you?

We also talked about Training to the Codes, Field Biologist course (April 1st & 2nd Sydney, April 14th  & 15th Brisbane), the Field Biologist Institute, the Pest management Trainee Logbook which is now available on the AEPMA website.

If you have not used it yet, it is free and it is a good tool for trainees and employers.

It could also be improved, so, if you see something that needs to be adjusted just let me or the AEPMA National office know.

I strongly recommend to AEPMA members to use it. The more we all use it the more chance the regulators will accept it.

AEPMA 2020 National conference will be held on 16-18 September 2020 at the Star, Gold Coast

“Pest Management in the Digital Age”.

I have no doubts it will be a great event and a sell out as it was in 2018.

It’s a great venue, close to the beach, restaurants, shops and what a great occasion to catch up with mates and colleagues. Can even stay for a few more days for some time off. I hope, I will see you all there……

Mark the date in your diaries now 16-18 September 2020 …..and keep an eye on the AEPMA website.

NSW Pest Manager Licencing

Following the teleconference meeting that was held on 8 November 2019 between AEPMA NSW Representatives Patrick Legey, Gary Stephenson and Martin Bowles, Eve Chong and Roger De Keyzer from NSW EPA to discuss issues below and raised at the last meeting. The National Office has sent an email on 12 December 2019 to all members regarding EPA NSW response to our questions. If you have not seen it, let me or the National office know, I will elaborate on a few things:

Lapsing of Pest Management licences:

Make sure you keep your old NSW EPA (or Workcover) Pest Management Technician (PMT) licences or a statement your competencies especially in units 5-6 & 18. Keep it in your file!

If you have no evidence, we will have to retrain.

The answer given on what would be the opinion of NSW EPA regarding the use of restricted pesticides by trainees? When product labels specify to be used by a licenced Pest Manager.

“A person must not use or engage a person to use a pesticide unless the person using the pesticide is qualified to use it. If a label states that the pesticide product must be used by a licensed pest management technician, a trainee cannot use the product since they don’t have the qualifications yet.

All preconstruction termiticide products containing chlorpyrifos or bifenthrin can only be used by licensed pest management technicians as required by the EPA under Pesticide Control (Termiticide) Order 2000 – copy available on EPA website.”

Following this answer and queries from members we have asked NSW EPA to clarify further their position and their answer is below:

“If the label wording explicitly says the product in a particular application must only be used by

a licensed pest controller – for example https://globepestsolutions.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/03/Altriset-Label.pdf or if its covered by the Pesticide Control

(Termiticide) Order 2000 as noted below, then the trainee can’t lawfully use the product alone.

They can however assist a licence pest controller using products with such label instructions

 As discussed at our meeting, there is some variability in the wording of the APVMA’s label

 instructions so if the label wording is along the lines of 'this product may only be used by a

 person authorised under relevant legislation', then that product can be used by a correctly

 supervised trainee.”

In other simple words: a trainee can use a restricted pesticide if under direct face to face supervision on the same site from a licenced Pest Management Technician (PMT).

AEPMA will keep you posted if and when more information is available.

We have already found some other issues to take to the next meeting with NSW EPA. So if there is something on your mind that any of you are aware of, which could be affecting your businesses and should be discussed with

NSW EPA, please let me know in writing, or one of your State Council members or the AEPMA National Office.

Don’t be afraid, if we don’t tell them they will never know!

AEPMA NSW ACT has a good working relationship with NSW EPA and most simple things can be worked out positively.

Pest Manager of the Year – nominations for PMOY will open on April 1st.  We are encouraging members especially NSW and ACT to nominate their businesses for this award. The award will be announced at the Gala Dinner at the conference in September.

The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council would like to welcome recent new members Paul Browne of Independent Pest Control, Norfolk Island and Mark Horam of Pesticom Pty Ltd, Kellyville.

No PMITAG NSW (part of NSW AEPMA) has been held on since 13 November 2019. Next meeting will be held on 11 March 2020 at 9.30am at the office of Agserv, Silverwater.

Dr Chris Orton, Secretary, PMITAG NSW

PMITAG NSW maintains a Circulation List for its emailed documents and welcomes additions

to the list. If you wish to be added to the list, please email Chris Orton, PMITAG NSW

Secretary at c.orton@unsw.edu.au.

The AEPMA NSW ACT State Council would like to thank Shayne and Lyn Reynolds for the wonderful event in Tea Gardens/ Hawks Nest in this beautiful seaside part of NSW. It always a pleasure for the members who attend. Next year will be the last AEPMA event in Tea Gardens and our hosts would like to see as many of the previous attendees as possible. We will keep you posted well in advance.

We also like to thank you the Hawks Nest Golf Club, Hawks Nest, NSW for providing their Boardroom at no cost for our meeting.

The next meeting will be held on 18 March 2020 at 4pm at the office of Globe Pest Solutions in Padstow. It will also be the NSW ACT State Branch AGM. I look forward to see some of your nominations.

Remember together we can make a difference!!

If anyone would like to attend the meeting, just send me an email: Patrick@austrapest.com.au or the National office: info@aepma.com.au

Patrick Legey for the AEPMA NSW ACT State Council

Patrick@austrapest.com.au Phone: 0438 022984 or

National office: 1 300 307114 or Email: info@aepma.com.au


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