Giving a Helping Hand


This summer’s widespread fires have caused havoc and devastation across Australia that each and every one has been touched by in some way shape or form.  During this time of disaster calls went out across Australia for support for those in need.  Doing their little bit to help during the Christmas break the Priddy family comprised of David, Trina and Mia (also the founders of Sundew Solutions) rallied their local community together to collect much needed goods.  Setting their home up as a central drop off point Trina and Mia posted on the local community Facebook pages a list of items desperately needed by East Gippsland community, Melbourne.  The local community answered the call and boot loads of items were dropped to the Priddy’s residence over several days.

Trina sent Mia on shopping excursions filling shopping trolley after shopping trolley with the items off the CFA hit list.  Being a budding social media expert, Mia hit the online community to rally the local community behind their efforts.

“The East Gippsland community was devastated and needed a heap of essentials,” said Trina, “and the local community around us all rallied together”.

The Coldstream CFA put out a list which Trina and Mia posted on online social media groups in the local area.  The items dropped to the Priddy collection point included camping gear, bottled water, canned goods, biscuits, breakfast cereals, toilet paper, rice, flour, nappies, feminine hygiene products, baby food, coffee, toiletries, bedding, towels, linen, fruit drinks, snacks etc.

“We loaded all of the items collected into our Jeep and trailer and delivered several loads to the Coldstream CFA depot”, explained Trina, “and even when we pulled up, local members of the public pitched in to help us unload the much needed supplies – it was a real ‘can-do’ community spirit”.    

“Not only were we collecting for the people displaced during this disaster, but also victims companion animals – dogs, cats, and other assorted pets”, continued Trina.

The Priddys took up separate collections of dog and cat food, bedding, leads & collars, puppy milk, rabbit food, medicines, food bowls, blankets etc which they loaded up and took to the Coldstream Animal Aid Shelter for transport to the affected East Gippsland community.

“I thought that if everybody pitches in and gives a little it will make a big difference to those directly affected” explained Trina, “I just felt compelled that we had to do our bit to help those in need”.


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