A spotlight on Specialist Termite Control - Pest Manager of the Year - Specialised Business Category


Specialist Termite Control is based in Melbourne and covers the city districts and some regional parts of Victoria.  Specialist Termite control has won Pest Manager of the Year in the Specialised Business Category for the second consecutive time.

The business has 7 specialist technicians, 1 trainee and 3 office staff.  Company Directors, Tom and Rob Boschma, say the business is unique in that specialist staff members are given a great deal of autonomy when it comes to the service that is provided to clients.

He says, “From the very first moment when the technician arrives on the doorstep of the client, they’re responsible for the work and for the relationship with that client and the specification for the type of work that is to be carried out there.”

He then says, “We spend a lot of time with training and there’s definitely some principles and guidelines that we do insist on, but really as to the type of product they will use, the amount of labour that goes into it, even the costings – that’s all left with them.  So in a sense what that means is that our clients get the kind of service you might expect from a ‘one man band’, but they have the support, structure and technical skills of a medium sized business.”

Rob says, “When our business is going well then our employees do well for us and there is a bonus system that will reward them for that.”

Rob believes that their positive attitude comes largely from a culture of professionalism developed by the businesses founder, Tom Boschma, and their policy of mainly employing new specialist staff from outside the industry, to ensure they’ll grow within the company’s unique culture.  He explains, “We have employed people from other companies, it is a bit of a shortcut, in that they come with a licence and training, but inevitably they’re not really trained in the way we would like to do things and it can be difficult for some to change and adapt to our methods.  We’ve found that the guys we’ve trained from scratch, the quality of work is a lot more positive.”

Rob sums up by saying, “We have been lucky enough to have won this award for two years in a row now and are very excited to be acknowledged by our industry again and hope it vindicates the decision of many of our customers to choose one of the best.  Thanks to our staff and clients for making it happen.”

Congratulations go to Rob Boschma and Specialist Termite Control, winners once again of the Pest Manager of the Year award in the Specialised Business Area.

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