A Spotlight on Quality Pest and Weed Solutions - winner of the Pest Manager of the Year - Less than 5 Employees



Mark and Fiona Sheppard run Quality Pest & Weed Solutions in East Perth.  The business is unique, combining “hands on” pest management with a registered training organisation and a consultancy business offering specialist pest management advice.

Mark says his background in competency based training was a good fit.  He says, “It’s very rewarding to be able to train people in a number of things, whether it be government agencies in pesticide safety, pest control licencing, or for product stewardship.”

Of course the pest management side of the business is important and there is a strong focus on quality.  Mark says, “Our focus has always been on the commercial side of the business and that focus has been on trying to provide a quality service, that’s why we named our company Quality Pest & Weed Solutions.  We’re not looking to be the biggest, but one of the things we always try and focus on is trying to be the best.”

An early lesson that Mark and Fiona had to learn was managing the rapid growth their business was undergoing.  He says, “We were getting a lot of referrals and opportunities, the business grew very quickly.  We found that we lost control of what we named our company, which was Quality Pest & Weed Solutions.  We got very excited about the growth and lost focus.  So we decided to restructure.  We decided to downsize and just stay with our core clients, who the majority of which we’ve had for more than 10 years.”

This doesn’t mean that there is no future planning.  Mark says, “We need to develop and quality improve every single week.  We need to sit back and look at our company and ask ‘OK, are we happy? Are we doing the best we can?’”

Over the next 6 months - they are going out to see their clients.  They don’t want to lose that personal touch or that old fashioned service, which they’ve built their reputation on.

Congratulations to Mark and Fiona Sheppard from Quality Pest & Weed Solutions, winner of the Pest Manager of the Year 2015 – Less than 5 Employees.

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