FMC has a new team but their product development is still historic


The purchase of Cheminova by FMC Corporation has meant a new management team at FMC Australasia Specialty Products and direct access to manufacturing in Australia.  FMC Specialty is best known for HomeGuard Termite Management System and the Biflex range of Bifenthrin based products.

In August, Patrick Madden was appointed as the Commercial Manager – Specialty.  Patrick brings with him years of experience at Syngenta where he held several key commercial roles, including Seed Care Account Manager and Senior Sales Manager for Pest Control.  Paige Finnegan has joined as Marketing & Communications Manager with experience at Syngenta, turf chemical distribution and pharmaceutical marketing.  FMC’s Million Dollar Warranty is now being managed by John Tilley.

As of 6th October, FMC Australasia’s head office has officially moved to North Ryde, NSW.  The new office location allows for a closer working relationship with the manufacturing plant in Wyong.  Cheminova Mfg Pty Ltd, wholly owned subsidiary of FMC Corporation, was formed in November 2008.  The acquisition of the manufacturing facility took place by FMC in April of this year.  FMC is pleased that they now have the capability to manufacture FMC’s signature pest control product range, Biflex, right here in Australia.

Bifenthrin was developed by FMC and still has the longest known residual time in soil of any insecticide currently on the market.  Bifenthrin’s residual half-life in soil is between 7 days and 8 months, depending on the soil type, with a low mobility in most soil types which makes it ideal for termite protection all over mainland Australia.

With a combined total of over 100 years knowledge and experience in pest control chemical products and a strong focus on safety, environment and quality, FMC Australasia presents a team and facility operating at standards second to none in the insect control chemical formulation industry in Australia.

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