Roland Hovey

Roland began his working career in 1964 as a clerk with a firm of Public Accountants in Brisbane, following his then ambition to qualify as an accountant.

After working there for a year or so, he went on to work as a labourer on a bridge construction site, which led to him being recruited to do the book keeping because of his accounting experience.

Through a friend, he heard of a position being advertised for an accountant with a pest control business called Amalgamated Pest Control.  He had never heard of the company but as he was looking for employment, he decided to apply.  It was 1970 and so began his career in Pest Control.

While he did not find the accounts work interesting or challenging, the business was growing rapidly, so he decided to stick around to find out the secret of its success.  He started to learn about all aspects of Pest Control while doing the accounts in his spare time.  After a year or so he graduated to the position of Office Manager.  He quickly became multi skilled and as the company grew, so did his responsibilities.

By 1977, turnover at Amalgamated had reached $2 million and branches were opening up everywhere.  During this time, Roland became General Manager.

Roland’s involvement with AEPMA came about because he believes that the industry needs a strong voice.  He decided that he should become active in the Association.  He was invited to join the National Board of AEPMA.. He relished the opportunity and served as a board member for a number of years.

In 1995, Roland became the President of AEPMA.  It was patently obvious at the time that AEPMA needed to look closely at its relevance.  Membership was at an all-time low, so he set about turning things around.  First, he went to the members and sought their opinions and asked what they wanted from the Association.  Armed with this information, a fresh direction was taken.  Doug Howick then took over the role of National Executive Director.  Of Doug Howick, Roland said “he introduced a level of excellence and professionalism to AEPMA that I don’t think had ever existed before”.  Roland went on to say “I was also blessed with a number of tireless, wonderful Board members such as Malcom Trotter, Grant Currie and David Watkins”.  Roland believes that what that era achieved was to make the Pest Industry a better place today.

Roland has enjoyed his time with Amalgamated Pest Control.  He says “it has been a great journey and along the way Sharyn and I have become shareholders in this wonderful Australian owned Company.  The journey has not finished yet.  I still have goals to achieve and the future looks every bit as exciting as the past.”